Why install under floor heating

Essex Plumbers Offer Five Good Reasons to install Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating (UFH) is becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout Europe. Its benefits are vast: it's a healthy heating option; energy efficient; saves space and is highly cost effective.

Ivor Bates, director of Essex-based plumbing and heating specialists Bates Heating & Plumbing Limited says that whilst under floor heating is most commonly used in bathrooms, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for extensions and conservatories. He says, 'UFH is ideal for any room where space is limited or there is a desire to maintain a high standard of visual appeal without wall mounted radiators spoiling the look.'

Any type of gas fuelled boiler can be used to provide the heat for a UFH system. Pipes are usually run underneath the floor surface and the heat from the water passing through the pipes transfers directly into the floor.

A warm floor creates warm air convection and this in turn heats the surrounding living space. Under floor heating is an exceptionally straightforward but highly effective way of providing a comfortably warm indoor climate with an even distribution of heat.

Five Reasons to Choose an Under Floor Heating System for your Home

Ivor Bates explains the five main benefits associated with Under Floor Heating:

1. Comfort
Heat radiating from the floor upwards is far more evenly distributed than heat that emanates from wall mounted radiators. Radiator heat tends to rise upwards and stay around head height which is not the most comfortable feeling.

2. Cost effectiveness and energy efficiency
Under floor heating systems can provide a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.

3. Health
Under floor heating helps to keep moisture content levels low which means that house dust mites can be reduced. This will benefit anyone with asthma or breathing difficulties or any other allergies.

4. Ease of control
UFH allows the temperature of each room to be controlled individually; a major benefit for any family.

5. Space and Aesthetics
By eliminating the need for wall mounted radiators, under floor heating saves space and enhances the look of a room.

Anyone re-thinking their home heating system, refurbishing a room or adding an extension or conservatory should give serious consideration to contacting Bates Heating and Plumbing Limited to get a quote on installing an under floor heating system as opposed to a traditional wall mounted radiator central heating system; the benefits are many!

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