The benefits of solar heating for Essex and London

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, over 42,000 Active Solar Heating systems are estimated to be currently in use in UK homes and are said to be able to meet around half a users' annual domestic hot water needs.

With the growing emphasis on energy conservation more and more people are considering solar hot water heating to boost traditional methods of providing hot water for their home.

A solar heating system can provide a reasonable share of domestic hot water energy. It can be used alongside any existing traditional water heating system to provide hot water energy, giving you peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. If you have a swimming pool, a solar heating system is the ideal way of providing heated water.

Solar heating is not just for sun drenched countries!

When you think of solar heating, you tend think of it being used in warmer countries where the sun shines for hours every day. Nowadays however, it doesn't matter if the sun isn't shining all the time, because the new vacuum tube solar panels are unaffected by things like wind chill or cooler air temperatures. Due to their vacuumed structure they can absorb whatever solar energy is available even on cold or dull days, meaning the system can provide hot water for eight months of the year and will assist your existing traditional system during the winter.

Solar heating: some commonly asked questions answered

Q: Is my property suitable for a solar heating system?
A: Providing there is a shade-free area on the roof to install the solar panels, or alternatively a wall or area at ground level, preferably south-facing.

Q. How long does it take to install a solar heating system?
A. Around three to four days for a typical 2-4 bedroom house.

Q. Will the system take up much room in my house?
A. Additional space is needed to accommodate the extra water storage capacity. There are several options available and your engineer will run through all of them in advance of the installation.

Q. Is the solar system easy to maintain?
A. It may occasionally need some maintenance, although an annual check by the home owner and a professional check every three to five years should be enough.

Q. Is planning permission needed for the installation of a domestic solar heating system?
A. Unless your home is a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area then you will not normally need planning permission.

Solar heating offers several benefits to home owners and of course to the environment. Anyone considering updating their existing water heating system or renovating or building a property should seriously considering installing one of these environmentally friendly systems.

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