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Students and carbon monoxide poisoning

Students beware! Is carbon monoxide putting you in danger?

Students who choose their term time accommodation based on its distance from the nearest shopping centre or night club are being urged by CORGI to take more care over their selection.

Ivor Bates explains CORGI's campaign: 'Students living away from home can be at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning and they are one of the most vulnerable groups. The potentially lethal gas can escape through appliances like boilers or gas fires that have not been properly installed or serviced and because you can't smell it you don't know it's there - hence the name silent killer.'

Landlords must make sure that all gas appliances in their rented properties are safety checked on a regular basis but students should never make assumptions where something so vital is concerned. The advice according to CORGI is to ask the landlord for an up-to-date gas safety record and a carbon monoxide alarm and if possible to check that the flame on gas appliances is blue and stable. If the landlord does not agree to provide a carbon monoxide alarm then students should purchase one themselves from a DIY store or ask a CORGI registered heating engineer such as Bates Heating and Plumbing Limited to install one for them.

Ivor Bates adds, 'Being aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is crucial. Students should make sure they know to look out for things like nausea, lethargy, headaches and dizziness and that if they do experience these symptoms they should have them checked out even if they think it could just be a case of flu. They should also be on their guard when excessive condensation appears in a room, black or yellow stains are apparent on gas appliances or pilot lights blow out frequently as all these things could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide.'

Ivor urges students who notice anything out of the ordinary concerning their gas appliances to immediately arrange for a CORGI registered engineer to call, whether it is through the landlord or directly; otherwise their lives could be at risk. He says, 'Carbon monoxide is the silent killer; but students should be far from silent should they have any doubts about gas safety in their term time rented accommodation.'

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