Solar Heating Works in the Winter

Anyone who has been considering having a solar heating system installed to help save money on energy bills will probably have put the thought to the back of their minds now that winter is here, thinking that solar heating only works during the months when the sun is shining.

But they are wrong! According to Ivor Bates, Director of Bates Heating and Plumbing Limited ( solar heating is not just for summer. He says: 'The belief that solar panels only work in sunny conditions isn't a myth, it's just an outdated fact. These days we use powerful vacuum tube solar panels that are unaffected by a lack of sun or cooler air temperatures.'

Modern solar panels have a vacuumed structure which means they can absorb whatever solar energy is available even on cold or dull days. Ivor explains what this means for anyone with a solar hot water system: 'These panels can absorb enough energy to provide hot water for eight months of the year and then assist your existing traditional system during the winter.'

A solar heating system can save money on heating bills as well as helping to maintain the environment by using a natural source of power to assist traditional heating methods. The systems are considered very reliable by the majority of users says a survey conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Bates Plumbing and Heating is urging people not to put the installation of a solar heating system on the back burner until the summer. Ivor says, 'Get one installed now and you could start seeing the cost benefits much sooner rather than later.'

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