Free Power Flush Essex and London

Noisy radiators that need bleeding more often than they should or a failed pump or boiler are usually telltale signs that a central heating system needs a serious clean.

So what's the answer?

In two words, Power Flushing; a service being offered free with every new Essex or London boiler installation carried out by Bates Plumbing and Heating Limited.

Power Flushing is a powerful technique for cleaning central heating systems. It can improve heating system performance by flushing out sludge and scale, optimising the performance and heat output of radiators and promoting energy efficiency.

Anyone with concerns over their heating system should get it seen to well before the cold weather sets in otherwise they could be jeopardising their winter warmth. Power flushing can solve heating problems and prevent boiler and pump failure and can even provide lower fuel bills.

Bates Heating and Plumbing Limited ( is well known throughout London and Essex for their expertise in the Power Flushing system. Ever enthusiastic in their approach to the job, they employ methodical techniques to isolate and concentrate on problem areas. They are currently offering a free Power Flush with every new boiler installation.

Director Ivor Bates says: 'We are dedicated to leaving customers with an optimised central heating system that won't let them down during the cold winter months. Our Power Flushing work is fully guaranteed for one year and all customers receive a certificate confirming that pH levels and cleanliness within their system correspond with industry standards.'

Anyone having a new heating system installed should be aware that most boiler manufacturers will not guarantee any new boiler if the heating system is not chemically cleaned. The British Standards and the Benchmark demand thorough cleaning of the heating system, and Power Flushing is the favoured method.

In London or Essex? Getting a new boiler? Get a free power flush when you have it installed by Bates Heating!

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