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Condensing Gas Boilers for London & Essex

Be Green and Save Money with a Condensing Gas Boiler installed by Bates Heating

As of April 2005 all new and replacement gas fired boilers were required to be the new energy efficient condensing type.

Conventional boilers offer around 70-80% efficiency whereas a condensing boiler will be up to 91% efficient thanks to the heat exchanger located in the flue that effectively captures waste heat and re-uses it. In monetary terms this spells substantial savings on fuel bills over the course of a year.

Ivor Bates of Essex based Bates Heating and Plumbing Limited explains why these new boilers are more beneficial to the environment and the household budget: 'Condensing boilers work by converting a greater proportion of gas into useable heat. This leads to lower Carbon Dioxide emissions - up to 30% less than conventional boilers - plus increased boiler efficiency and reduced operating costs. This leads to a cut in heating bills of up to 40%.'

Ivor explains: 'Say you have £10 to spend on heating and a traditional boiler operating at 75% efficiency. Within that £10, you have just wasted £2.50 having only achieved £7.50 worth of heat. On the other hand, if you have £10 to spend on heating and a condensing boiler operating at 90% efficiency that £10 will get you £9 worth of heat and you will only have wasted £1 as opposed to £2.50. Imagine how those savings clock up over the course of a month or a year!'

Although the new style condensing boilers do tend to be more expensive than their previous counterparts, the fact that they can reduce fuel bills means the added expense can quickly be recovered.

There are three types of condensing boilers to choose from and various factors need to be taken into consideration when making a selection. CORGI registered Bates Heating and Plumbing provides professional advice on the best choice of boiler depending on the property and expected usage.

A condensing boiler offers both environmental and cost saving benefits so anyone who is yet to make the switch should not leave it too long: the sooner a condensing boiler is installed, the sooner savings can start to be made.

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