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Refurbish your kitchen or bathroom

Add value to your home: refurbish your kitchen or bathroom says Bates Heating & Plumbing

TV's Phil Spencer has recently been urging homeowners to "do everything they can" to improve the saleability of their properties saying that improvements to kitchens and bathrooms are among the best ways of selling houses.

A recent Lloyds TSB and Opinion Matters survey found that 73% of people in Greater London claim that installing a new kitchen is the best way of adding value to a property.

The Lloyds TSB poll showed that a high percentage of people thought that an energy efficient boiler was the environmentally friendly home improvement that added most value to a property.

Ivor Bates agrees saying, 'Things like installing a walk in shower or under floor heating in a bathroom, or updating a kitchen so that it includes built in modern conveniences can really make an impact on potential buyers. What's more, a modern eco friendly condensing boiler can really tip the scales in your favour.'

Bates Heating and Plumbing Limited provides heating and plumbing services throughout Essex and London. They work with reputable kitchen fitters and other professional craftsmen to provide a complete service to Essex and London homes and businesses and can provide space-saving and energy efficient solutions.

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